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eTrain (eTraining) – A Learning Management System

e Training is a network of interdependent components working together to solve the customer’s performance problems.

Please call (219) 836-2120 or email Dave Snow at dave@enertronics.com to request a password.


eTraining Overview




eTraining Demo



Objectives of eTraining

  1. Improve Performance by focusing on customer-centered technology.

  2. Establish and Promote Market Niches and Applications for Ross Products.

  3. Align Marketing strategies and Distributor resources by a uniform method.

  4. Develop training packages for specific segments, products or regions where required.

Benefits of e Training

  1. e Learning provides training tools 24 hours a day.

  2. Eliminates logistical concerns – time, place, date.

  3. Individualized instruction is possible.

  4. Provides for remedial activities for those learners who are having difficulties, and enrichment opportunities for those who seek additional challenges.

  5. Deployment of standardized training procedures and evaluation/assessment tools.

  6. Systematic design and development of learning modules.

  7. Adaptation of customer-supplied instructional packages and presentations.

  8. Customer-supplied materials are supplemented by the technical staff.

  9. Inexpensive development of effective, new learning modules.

  10. Local training management and evaluation of learners.

  11. Reduce labor costs by combining roles and responsibilities.

  12. Comply with regulatory systems.

  13. Learning Management System are adaptable to the customers' needs.

  14. Accommodate man-power schedule fluctuations with whenever, wherever learning delivery systems.



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