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Content Development Service

Collecting Information

  1. General Information about service obtained.

  2. Site Photos or supplied photos are used.

  3. Prepared Technical Manuals or Documents are used.

  4. Existing Blueprints or Process Diagrams are used.

Training Aid Developement Process

  1. Drawings or simplified diagrams are created.

  2. Storyboard sketches with animation instructions are drawn for the animator.

  3. Animated Color Process Diagrams are created

  4. Further Animation Development

  5. Colored Diagram from client brochure..

  6. Drawn into CAD

  7. First animation created

Combined Complex Material Flow Simulation

  1. Real world effects added to give familiarity

  2. Correct orientation is applied,

  3. furnace effects used, rollers simulated

  4. and slab motion introduced



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