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Construction Management

Construction Management services includes:

  • Inspect the construction site(s) daily for conformance with Client requirements in areas of space, function, budget, schedule, quality, technical adequacy regulations and conformance with construction industry standards.
  • Report inspection findings on project status on the schedule set by the client.
  • Provide on-site point of contact.
  • Conduct technical design review of all design submissions.
  • Prepare and submit management progress reports.
  • Coordinate changes by recommending, preparing, and reviewing change order scopes of work, change order documents, cost estimates, proposals and reimbursable funding draw letters.
  • Prepare and review clarification documents.
  • Provide final construction quality inspection for defects, omissions and non-conformance with project standards.
  • Coordinate the start-up and commissioning of new and renovated facilities.
  • Provide technical reviews and coordinate the development, review, quality and delivery of design submittals, as-built drawings, technical and operating manuals and written procedures required by the design and construction contracts.
  • Provide and review budget and final cost estimates on design construction, furniture, furnishing, equipment, telecommunications and relocations.
  • Develop and review schedules for the delivery and installation of infrastructure equipment.
  • Provide contract monitoring of all general and sub-contractors.



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