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Multi-phase Project Execution Standalone Deliverables.

Feasibility and Facility Assessment

  • New site feasibility review and assessment for access, logistics, raw materials, processing and finished goods cost for a competitive edge.

  • Process and facility assessment for efficient operations.

  • Energy cost reduction, optimization and programs for support equipment.

  • Facility upgrades including equipment expansion, logistics, power, natural gas, steam, lighting, chemical supplies, city water, storm and sanitary sewers.

  • Sustainability and condition based maintenance program development for productivity, reliability, regulatory and safety objectives.

Project Development and Financing

  • Development of financing packages, including self-financing and third-party lease back solutions for productivity investments.

  • Review of incentives programs from utility companies, local, state and federal governments to tie in with facility modernization and upgrades.

  • Development of financing packages to avail savings from energy conservation and other government programs.

  • Construction cost estimates and capital appropriation requests.

Detail Engineering Design

  • Piping

  • Mechanical

  • Structural

  • Civil

  • Electrical and controls

  • Environmental engineering

Operations and Training Support

  • Coursework development for major sections and facility systems.

  • Craft specific courses for mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.

  • Operating manual, vendor document integration and development of Computer Based Training (CBT) programs.

  • Process safety management, PHA, HAZOP and RMP.

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Project Schedules including engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning

  • Project Resource Loading Charts



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